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Promoze Single Compartment Plastic Meal Prep Containers Review

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When you’re first starting out with meal prep, one of the most important items on your to-do list as a beginner is buying your first set of meal prep containers. Luckily, we tested 9 meal prep containers from a variety of retailers and found one option that offers huge value for meal prep beginners: Promoze single compartment plastic meal prep containers. As one of our top plastic container picks, Promoze’s meal prep containers are not only durable and functional, but also one of the more affordable options out there.

promoze single compartment plastic meal prep containers
Best Of Meal Prep / Eleesha Lockett

In this review, we’ll cover all the features that make these containers a great option for meal prep beginners who are looking to purchase their first set.

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Best Of Meal Prep / Eleesha Lockett

With all the plastic meal prep containers on the market, it can be hard to figure out which options are going to provide the most value for the price. However, these single compartment containers offer an affordable price without sacrificing size or durability, which makes them perfect for beginners.


These single-compartment containers house 28 oz. of space, which is more than enough room for a single serving of almost any meal prep recipe you could make. With no divider, you’ll have to store your carbs, proteins, and veggies together — but there’s still enough room to keep ingredients relatively separated from each other. By the way, if you are concerned about main dishes, sides, and condiments mingling, you can easily fit a small silicone cup inside of these containers.


Promoze food containers use BPA-free, food-grade polypropylene (PP) plastic. PP plastic is a durable type of plastic that’s commonly used in the food service industry for packaged food and food storage containers. While this type of plastic is relatively sturdy, you’ll still need to be gentle when handling these containers, as the plastic around the lip of the container is a little on the thinner side.

As for the lids, these containers feature clear plastic lids that easily snap on to offer leakproof storage for all of your weekly meal preps. Because the lids snap on tightly, however, you’ll just want to make sure to take them off gently or you risk snapping the thinner plastic in the corners of the containers. Tip: we found that removing the lids one corner at a time helps to avoid this.


One of the great features about these containers is the ridge around the center of the lid that allows for easy stacking. By saving space between the containers and the lids, you can easily fit 2-3 containers in a single stack without taking up too much room in the fridge or freezer.

But perhaps the best feature of this container is the affordable price. It’s no surprise that most of us meal prep to save money, and with this 50-pack of containers, you’ll have two full weeks of meal prep food storage space for less than $30.


We went with a classic meal prep recipe — overnight oats — to see if these plastic containers would keep our breakfast-to-be tasting fresh all week.

overnight oats in a plastic meal prep container
Best Of Meal Prep / Eleesha Lockett

These containers had plenty of space for not only the overnight oats, but also the fresh strawberries and blueberries we sprinkled on top. And because these container lids are slightly domed, the extra space meant that we didn’t have any issues with food becoming smushed inside the container during storage.

Speaking of storage, although these containers aren’t technically airtight, the leakproof lids still provide some protection from outside airflow. We were able to keep our overnight oats stored for a full 3 days of fridge storage without too much of a dip in quality or freshness. (Although, if you’re looking for an airtight container that’s guaranteed to keep your food fresh for longer, check out our review of these Prep Naturals 2-compartment glass meal prep containers.)


Like many of the other plastic meal prep containers on the market that are microwave-safe, these Promoze containers allow you to seamlessly go from fridge to microwave for quick and easy reheating.


One of the benefits of using microwave-safe food storage is being able to save on time (and dishes) by reheating your meal prep directly in the container. Luckily, these BPA-free plastic containers are safe to use directly in the microwave at temperatures of up to 320 degrees F — as long as you remove the lids first. And because these containers are freezer-safe, you can also easily reheat your meals straight from frozen without needing to thaw them first.


If you’re looking to save a little extra time in the kitchen, these plastic containers are top-rack dishwasher-safe — however, the plastic lids do require a little extra care during the cleaning process.


Best Of Meal Prep / Eleesha Lockett

We tested both the containers and the lids in the dishwasher, on the top shelf, to see how well they would hold up. Even after storing plenty of overnight oats during the week, these containers were easy to clean out after our meal and came out of the wash cycle looking great. Although, we did notice that the plastic lids became slightly warped after running them through the normal wash cycle (which makes sense because they’re not dishwasher-safe).


Because the lids of these containers aren’t dishwasher-safe, a quick rinse with hot, soapy water is the easiest way to get them clean for your next meal prep session. If you do decide to wash the lids in the dishwasher to save time, however, just know that this can cause the plastic to warp, crack, or degrade more quickly.

Overall value

Plastic containers are one of the best types of meal prep containers for beginners because they’re budget-friendly and easy to use. Promoze’s single compartment plastic meal prep containers offer both durability and affordability so that you can jump right into your next meal prep session with confidence — even as a beginner.

Best Of Meal Prep / Eleesha Lockett

We liked:

  • 28 oz. of space for a variety of different meal prep recipes
  • leakproof lids to help prevent any unwanted spills
  • ridges on the containers and lids to save space during storage
  • an affordable bulk container option at around $.60 per container

We didn’t like:

  • lids not safe for use in the microwave or dishwasher
  • single compartment doesn’t allow for separating ingredients
  • containers and lids prone to cracking if handled too roughly

Whether you’re on the hunt for your very first set of meal prep containers or investing in a new bulk set for your weekly meal planning, these are one of the best plastic containers for meal prep beginners and experts alike.

Product specs

Product NamePromoze Single Compartment Plastic Meal Prep Containers
Materialsplastic containers with plastic lids
Size28 oz.
Pricecheck price at Amazon
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