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I’m Eleesha Lockett, a nutritionist and experienced health and wellness writer with a knack for meal prep. As someone who has used meal prep to enjoy quick, easy, and delicious homemade meals since 2015, I created Best Of Meal Prep as a way to share the very best of what meal prep has to offer ⁠— from tips and tricks for learning how to meal prep, to the best containers and kitchen accessories to invest in, and so much more.

My Journey

I first stumbled across meal prep in 2015, after unexpectedly finding myself taking care of my younger brother. I had done pretty well taking care of myself up until that point, but with the addition of a second family member, I found myself struggling to find the time to cook multiple meals every single day.

I decided to learn how to meal prep so that I could save money on my groceries, time in the kitchen, and most importantly, energy that was needed to raise a teenager (if you know, you know!). And I’m so thankful I learned, because meal prep allowed me to do all of that and more ⁠— which is why I eventually decided to share my expertise.

My Experience

I graduated from The University of Bridgeport in 2019 with a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition. After graduation, I decided to continue following my passion and created The Healthful Human as a way to help more people have access to nutrition education, no matter their cultural, social, or financial background.

Not wanting my years of meal prep experience to go to waste, I decided to use The Healthful Human as a way to share my own meal prep guides, recipes, plans, and other resources with my community — and now, I’d like to continue to share that experience here with you!

What’s Next?

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