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Ello Single-Compartment Glass Meal Prep Containers Review

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When it comes to shopping for meal prep containers, it can sometimes be difficult to find a set looks as good as it functions. But if you’re in the market for a new set of containers that does both, we’ve found one option that offers the best of both worlds: Ello 3.4 cup single-compartment glass meal prep containers. Not only are these containers a top pick in our guide on where to buy meal prep containers, but this gorgeous set is now a permanent feature in the Best Of Meal Prep kitchen.

Best Of Meal Prep / Eleesha Lockett

In our review of Ello’s 3.4 cup containers, we’ll explore all the features that we believe make these containers a must-have in any meal prep kitchen.

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ello 3.4 cup single-compartment glass meal prep containers features
Best Of Meal Prep / Eleesha Lockett

Most meal prep containers offer either functionality or looks, and often times, you’re stuck choosing between the two. But these Ello glass containers are more than just a colorful kitchen accessory — the durable glass, protective silicone sleeves, and airtight lids also help keep your food fresh and protected.


At an impressive size of 3.4 cups, these glass meal prep containers are one of the bigger options on the market. And because this container is on the larger side, you have more wiggle room to keep your ingredients, like rice, meat, and veggies, separate. Of course, if you really want to store your ingredients completely apart, you’ll want to invest in a set of cups or dividers, like these multipurpose silicone liners — but for casual storage, these containers work just fine.


Ello containers are made of Ello’s patented Duraglass™, which is a thick, BPA-free glass that’s extremely durable and has a high resistance to heat. Similar to borosilicate glass, these glass containers are resistant to stains and smells, which makes them a great option for longer-term meal prep fridge storage. Plus, each container is protected by a thin silicone sleeve on the outside, which offers both color-coding and protection.

Looking at the lids, you might be surprised to know that the clear, almost crystalline lids aren’t actually glass: they’re Tritan™ plastic, a light but tough plastic that’s durable, impact-resistant, and BPA-free. And each of the lids features interlocking snaps and rubber around the lip of the lid to create an airtight, leakproof environment for your food.


My favorite feature about these Ello storage containers is also the reason why they’re both functional and beautiful: the colorful silicone sleeves. Not only do the sleeves provide a color-coded system for meal prep storage, but they also help protect the glass containers from breaking and chipping during storage or transportation. (By the way, the sets come in multiple color variations, so you can easily find a set that fits your personal style!)


We tested another quick and easy meal prep recipe with these glass containers, a chicken and pepper sheet pan with rice, to see how well they would hold up to weekly meal prep.

Best Of Meal Prep / Eleesha Lockett

As you can see, 3.4 cups of space means that there was more than enough room for a hefty serving of rice (about 1.5 cups worth), plus a nice portion of chicken and vegetables. And with the container being on the larger side, it also means that we were able to keep our chicken and veggies from mingling — which is certainly a selling-point for people who prefer keeping their food separated.

However, perhaps the most impressive feature of these meal prep containers is that they were able to keep our food fresh for the full 3 days of fridge storage. We had virtually no issue with the food tasting “off”, or even losing much flavor, thanks to the airtight lids.


If you frequently reheat your meal prep in the microwave or oven, you can reheat your food directly in these Ello Duraglass™ containers without needing to worry about warped or cracked glass. And yes, even the silicone sleeves are microwave and oven-safe — which means less dishes and less fuss for you.


Most people who meal prep use a microwave to reheat their meals, which is why “microwave-safe” is such an important selling point for meal prep containers. Not only are these glass containers safe for use in the microwave (minus the lids, mind you), but the thick glass also provides additional insulation to help keep your food warm for longer.


For those who don’t enjoy reheating their food in the microwave, these oven-safe containers offer easy oven reheating without the hassle of needing an extra dish. In fact, according to Ello, these containers are safe at temperatures of up to 450 degrees F, including the silicone sleeves. Just keep in mind that you’ll want to remove the lids before popping your meal into the oven, as the plastic lids are not oven-safe.


Anyone who cooks for themselves knows the value of saving time in the kitchen, especially after a long week of prepping. With dishwasher-safe glass and silicone, you can quickly and easily clean these Ello containers in the dishwasher before your next prep session.


Best Of Meal Prep / Eleesha Lockett

Unlike some of the other meal prep containers on the market, every part of these Ello containers is dishwasher-safe — which means that you don’t have to handwash the lids separately. When we tested our containers in the dishwasher, we were able to fit all parts on the top rack for a thorough clean.

One thing to note, however, is that occasionally food particles and grease can become stuck between the silicone liner and the glass. If this happens, you can simply remove the silicone sleeve from the container before washing, and either wash both in the dishwasher or handwash the sleeve separately.


Speaking of handwashing, if you don’t have a dishwasher, you can easily clean these glass containers with warm, soapy water. By the way, because of the buildup that can occur on the silicone sleeve — and even on the inside ridges of the lids — we recommend giving your containers a short soak in soapy water every few weeks to help get rid of any buildup.

Overall value

It can feel daunting to invest in a new set of glass meal prep containers, especially as a beginner on a budget — but if you’re ready to invest in a set that will last you for years to come, look no further than these Ello glass containers. Not only do they provide airtight food storage, but the oven-safe reheating and dishwasher-safe parts means less work for you each week during your prep sessions.

airtight glass meal prep containers
Best Of Meal Prep / Eleesha Lockett

We liked:

  • 3.4 cups of space to fit bigger portions
  • thick plastic lids with interlocking snaps
  • protective, color-coded silicone sleeves
  • all parts safe for use in the dishwasher

We didn’t like:

  • much heavier than other glass containers
  • a more expensive option at around $10 per container
  • not available in sets of more than 5 containers

With plenty of meal prep storage space, durable glass and plastic, and gorgeous colorful designs, Ello’s 3.4 cup single-compartment glass meal prep containers are easily a Best Of Meal Prep favorite.

Product specs

Product NameEllo Single-Compartment Glass Meal Prep Containers
Materialsglass containers with silicone sleeves and plastic lids
Size3.4 cups
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